Best Boy



I've been working on several projects recently, and am constantly coming up with more that I can do in the future. Heres a little description of each one.

This website

Status: mostly completed I built this website using a Gatsby, Contentful and Netlify. I was looking for a architecture that would allow for maximum customization and simplicity in the site iteself but also an easy way to edit content that wouldn't require any technical knowledge. The architecture was chosen as a trial run for one of my projects which would be much more high impact.

A C++ text adventure game

Status: in progress I've finished the core functionality of the game and am now moving onto the content part - writing is always more difficult! This game uses the Ncurses library to display a minimalistic interface that suports making choices as well as entering text. This is the first project I've done in C++.


Yeeyee bot

Status: completed Yeeyee bot is a twitter bot that I created in Python, running on AWS Lambda for free. He takes 2 little substrings of a big file full of my own writings and splices them together, replacing all NSFW words with "fuck" and all proper nouns with "Yeeyee". The purpose of the bot is unclear but sometimes he comes up with funny stuff. You can visit him at @yeeyee_bot