Best Boy



Hi! I'm Len! Welcome to my website!

I'm a recently graduated computer engineer trying to figure out life, the universe and everything else. This little space I've made for myself was born out of a nostalgia for the old internet. For several years now, I have felt like the internet - much like real life - has been dominated by corporate giants. I'm grateful for social media but sometimes it feels like all I'm doing is refreshing the same 3 apps over and over again. Geocities and even Myspace were before my time but theres something particularly comforting about having a page on the internet that is entirely your own. This website is an attempt to step away from the big social media giants where female presenting nipples are policed while Nazism runs rampant.

Anyway, those are my main goals for this site. Check out my blog! I will be slowly updating it with my thoughts on all things tech and sometimes not tech. Alternatively, the projects page will provide some insight into my completed, in progress and planned personal projects.


A lot of the CSS you see uses aesthetic-css: Aesthetic CSS framework

The footer image was made for me by my friend Kat. Her twitter is @kathyra_

This website was build with a JAMstack architecture. I found the following blog post immensely helpful in the early stages of development: Content Management with Gatsby, Contentful & Netlify